Parsoid/HTML based LST

1-line summary: Use HTML-supported section tags with valid opening and closing tags rather than the self-closing section-tags.

Issues that need to be resolved edit

  • See also: Bug 69331
  • Paragraph merging across original pages: Text stored as single wiki page per original book page, with paragraphs potentially broken up. When reading, the page breaks should not be visible.
  • Transclusion is primarily by chapter (?) but there are other use case (dictionnaries...)
    • which kind of transclusion is used there? Other kinds of overlapping sections? -- probably straightforward, no mis-nesting

Example of current workflow on wikisource edit

Content of Page:Foo/1

  beginning of

Content of Page:Foo/2

  <section begin=chapter1/>
  <section end=chapter1/>

  <h2>Chapter 2</h2>

Result of "{{Page:Foo/1}}{{#lst:Page:Foo/2|chapter1}}"


   beginning of paragraph