PDF export

The following extensions can be used to export the contents of one or more wiki pages into a downloadable PDF file.

Extension Libraries used Last updated Notes
Collection + PDF Writer None 2014 Uses the outside server http://tools.pediapress.com to do PDF conversions; also supports export to other file formats, including OpenDocument and DocBook; exported PDFs can also be printed on demand via PediaPress
DocBookExport pandoc, xsltproc, Apache FOP 2019 Also enables export to DocBook XML, HTML and ODT formats.
ElectronPdfService electron-render-service 2018
Mpdf mPDF 2018
PdfBook HTMLDOC 2017 The HTMLDOC library lacks support for non-ASCII Unicode characters.

Stand alone convertersEdit

The following stand alone software can be used to export PDF files from MediaWiki

Software Libraries used Last updated Notes
Proton 2019 Single-article export. Currently in use on Wikipedia.
mediawiki2latex ghc, libghc-http-dev, libghc-blaze-html-dev, libghc-directory-tree-dev, libghc-file-embed-dev, libghc-happstack-server-dev, libghc-hashable-dev, libghc-highlighting-kate-dev, libghc-http-client-dev, libghc-http-conduit-dev, libghc-hxt-http-dev, libghc-strict-dev, libghc-temporary-dev, libghc-url-dev, libghc-utility-ht-dev, libghc-zip-archive-devlibrsvg2-bin, imagemagick, fonts-freefont-ttf, texlive-xetex, texlive-latex-recommended, texlive-latex-extra, texlive-fonts-recommended, texlive-fonts-extra, cm-super-minimal, texlive-lang-all, poppler-utils, lmodern, texlive-generic-recommended, latex-cjk-common, fonts-cmu, ttf-unifont, fonts-wqy-zenhei, calibre, latex2rtf, libreoffice 2020 Also supports export to other file formats, including OpenDocument, LaTeX, and EPUB; Online Converter as well as binaries for Linux and Windows available. GPL licensed open source.