Wikimedia Maps/2015-2017/status

Last update on: 2013-03-monthly


We've migrated our apps to OSM. Spec'd and ordered hardware for our own OSM cluster. And were beginning to configure puppet rules for setting up OSM servers in labs.


All hardware orders have been made and we are blocked on it arriving


The mobile team is looking at the backlog for this and planning a potential sprint in 2013.


Max Semenik worked on rewriting the existing Puppet classes and volunteer developers outreach for the planned OSM event in March.


Tomasz Finc, Max Semenik and Arthur Richards worked on organising the OSM hackathon which took place on March 9-10 in Copenhagen. Max Semenik continued working on OSM in Labs and uploaded initial versions of several OSM-related packages to Gerrit for Operations to review.


Max Semenik, Arthur Richards and Faidon Liambotis held an OSM mini-hackathon at Open Source Days 2013 in Copenhagen. During the event, they agreed on an implementation strategy for the WMF mapping cluster.