Moderator Tools

The Moderator Tools team is a Wikimedia Foundation product team working on content moderation tool needs.

The team's focus is on improving Wikimedia's content moderation processes, including page protection, deletion, reporting, and recent changes patrolling. Our goals are to ensure that Wikimedia's content is as reliable and trustworthy as possible, by empowering volunteer patrollers and administrators. We tend not to work on topics like user reporting and moderation, which are more within the purview of the Trust and Safety Product team.

Latest Update: We are currently focused on building Automoderator. Your input is welcomed.

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Projects edit

July 2021 - March 2022: Research edit

In the 2021/22 Annual Plan (July-June) the team focused on design research for the first 9 months (July 2021 - March 2022). We heard from a wide range of editors on the problems they're facing in keeping the content on their projects reliable and trustworthy.

We then published a research report, Content Moderation in Medium-Sized Wikimedia Projects. This report found content moderation on mobile web to be the highest priority issue.

April 2022 - March 2023: Mobile web edit

We worked on improvements to content moderation on mobile web. This project is scheduled to wrap up in March 2023.

In particular, we made improvements to the overflow menu, and implemented a new mobile design for preferences.

While this work is ongoing we're looking for feedback on new designs for diffs on mobile, though this project is paused for the time being.

April - July 2023: PageTriage edit

In response to the 2022 New Pages Patrol letter, our team spent some time working on Extension:PageTriage. You can read the project updates at Wikipedia:Page Curation/2023 Moderator Tools project.

August 2023 - ongoing: Automoderator edit

For the 2023-2024 fiscal year we are working on Automoderator - please share your thoughts on the project talk page!

The team edit

Requesting code review edit

Our team is responsible for the following tools and extensions:

If you have filed a patch in one of these repositories, we will endeavour to provide code review where possible. To request code review explicitly, especially in busier codebases like PageTriage where we might miss your contribution, please add it to the Moderator-Tools-Team board in the 'Code review requests' column, so that we can review it alongside our other priorities.

Further reading edit