MediaWiki 1.34/wmf.3

MediaWiki 1.34.0-wmf.1 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.34.0-wmf.3 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.34.0-wmf.4

The latest version (labeled "1.34.0-wmf.3") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 (see the roadmap).

Core changes edit

Vendor edit

  • git #7207b785 - Update OOUI to v0.31.5 by James D. Forrester
  • git #7a2732cf - Update wikibase/data-model-services by Jeroen De Dauw
  • git #5ca28147 - Update jakobo/hotp-php to v1.0.1 by Reedy
  • git #dcda8e4d - Update OOUI to v0.31.4 by James D. Forrester
  • git #a0552524 - New minor version of wikibase/data-model-services by Jeroen De Dauw

Extensions edit

3D edit

No changes for 3D

AbuseFilter edit

ActiveAbstract edit

No changes for ActiveAbstract

AdvancedSearch edit

AntiSpoof edit

No changes for AntiSpoof

ApiFeatureUsage edit

ArticleCreationWorkflow edit

No changes for ArticleCreationWorkflow

ArticlePlaceholder edit

Babel edit

No changes for Babel

BetaFeatures edit

BounceHandler edit

Calendar edit

Campaigns edit

Capiunto edit

No changes for Capiunto

CategoryTree edit

  • git #f9f6ac63 - Avoid use of deprecated ->disableCache() in Parser by Derick Alangi

CentralAuth edit

  • git #cfb0824d - UsersWhoWillBeRenamed: Use CSS-based parentheses by Roan Kattouw

CharInsert edit

CheckUser edit

No changes for CheckUser

CirrusSearch edit

Cite edit

CiteThisPage edit

No changes for CiteThisPage

Citoid edit

cldr edit

No changes for cldr

Cognate edit

No changes for Cognate

CodeEditor edit

No changes for CodeEditor

CodeMirror edit

CodeReview edit

No changes for CodeReview

CollaborationKit edit

Collection edit

No changes for Collection

CommonsMetadata edit

No changes for CommonsMetadata

ConfirmEdit edit

CongressLookup edit

ContactPage edit

ContentTranslation edit

ContributionTracking edit

  • git #757b6710 - Add missing use statement for Database by Umherirrender

CreditsSource edit

Dashiki edit

No changes for Dashiki

Disambiguator edit

No changes for Disambiguator

DismissableSiteNotice edit

DonationInterface edit

DoubleWiki edit

No changes for DoubleWiki

DynamicSidebar edit

EUCopyrightCampaign edit

No changes for EUCopyrightCampaign

Echo edit

Elastica edit

No changes for Elastica

ElectronPdfService edit

EventBus edit

EventLogging edit

ExtensionDistributor edit

No changes for ExtensionDistributor

ExternalGuidance edit

FeaturedFeeds edit

FileExporter edit

FileImporter edit

FlaggedRevs edit

  • git #e881e746 - Minor clean up in FlaggedRevsUI.hooks.php by Timo Tijhof

Flow edit

FundraiserLandingPage edit

No changes for FundraiserLandingPage

FundraisingTranslateWorkflow edit

Gadgets edit

  • git #2a7bcfe0 - Translate Special:GadgetUsage into Czech by Martin Urbanec

GeoCrumbs edit

No changes for GeoCrumbs

GeoData edit

No changes for GeoData

GettingStarted edit

  • git #615dcbae - Move all php classes into includes folder by Umherirrender

GlobalBlocking edit

GlobalCssJs edit

GlobalPreferences edit

GlobalUsage edit

  • git #72a3be3c - Translate several special pages into Czech by Martin Urbanec

GlobalUserPage edit

No changes for GlobalUserPage

GoogleNewsSitemap edit

No changes for GoogleNewsSitemap

Graph edit

GrowthExperiments edit

GuidedTour edit

  • git #8306b3e3 - Add phan by Umherirrender
  • git #80f6c41f - Rename internal MakeGlobalVariablesScript hook callback by Timo Tijhof
  • git #42fce05e - build: Update eslint-config-wikimedia from 0.9.0 to 0.11.0 by James D. Forrester

GWToolset edit

No changes for GWToolset

ImageMap edit

No changes for ImageMap

InputBox edit

No changes for InputBox

Insider edit

No changes for Insider

intersection edit

No changes for intersection

Interwiki edit

  • git #89797fe3 - Translate Special:Interwiki into Czech by Martin Urbanec

InterwikiSorting edit

No changes for InterwikiSorting

JADE edit

No changes for JADE

Josa edit

No changes for Josa

JsonConfig edit

No changes for JsonConfig

Kartographer edit

LabeledSectionTransclusion edit

No changes for LabeledSectionTransclusion

LandingCheck edit

No changes for LandingCheck

LdapAuthentication edit

No changes for LdapAuthentication

Linter edit

No changes for Linter

LiquidThreads edit

  • git #1e6bdf9d - classes: Replace usage of deprecated SearchEngine::searchableNamespace() (task T220656) by Derick Alangi
  • git #38055a64 - Remove empty/no-op MakeGlobalVariablesScript hook handler by Timo Tijhof

Listings edit

No changes for Listings

LocalisationUpdate edit

No changes for LocalisationUpdate

LoginNotify edit

No changes for LoginNotify

MapSources edit

No changes for MapSources

MassMessage edit

Math edit

MobileApp edit

  • git #82f592eb - Remove enwiki from Wikidata description editing blacklist. by Dmitry Brant

MobileFrontend edit

MultimediaViewer edit

  • git #c520b769 - Rename MakeGlobalVariablesScript hook for consistency by Timo Tijhof

NavigationTiming edit

Newsletter edit

No changes for Newsletter

NewUserMessage edit

Nuke edit

No changes for Nuke

OATHAuth edit

OAuth edit

No changes for OAuth

OpenStackManager edit

ORES edit

PageAssessments edit

No changes for PageAssessments

PagedTiffHandler edit

No changes for PagedTiffHandler

PageImages edit

No changes for PageImages

PageTriage edit

PageViewInfo edit

ParserFunctions edit

  • git #1f1c8343 - Remove tests/phan/issue from .gitignore by Umherirrender

ParsoidBatchAPI edit

PdfHandler edit

  • git #8d7386b7 - Remove tests/phan/issue from .gitignore by Umherirrender

PerformanceInspector edit

No changes for PerformanceInspector

Petition edit

No changes for Petition

Poem edit

No changes for Poem

PoolCounter edit

Popups edit

ProofreadPage edit

  • git #c1f0a5c1 - Use $skin->getSkinName() instead of $skin->skinname by Fomafix

PropertySuggester edit

No changes for PropertySuggester

QuickSurveys edit

Quiz edit

No changes for Quiz

ReadingLists edit

RelatedArticles edit

  • git #a7e6c196 - Remove `-o-linear-gradient` for Opera 11.5, Opera Mobile 12 by Volker E

Renameuser edit

No changes for Renameuser

RevisionSlider edit

RSS edit

SandboxLink edit

Score edit

Scribunto edit

No changes for Scribunto

SearchExtraNS edit

No changes for SearchExtraNS

SecurePoll edit

No changes for SecurePoll

Sentry edit

No changes for Sentry

ShortUrl edit

SiteMatrix edit

SkinPerPage edit

No changes for SkinPerPage

SpamBlacklist edit

SubPageList3 edit

No changes for SubPageList3

SubpageSortkey edit

No changes for SubpageSortkey

SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi edit

No changes for SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi

TemplateData edit

TemplateSandbox edit

  • git #89e4ec54 - Translate Special:TemplateSandbox into Czech by Martin Urbanec

TemplateStyles edit

No changes for TemplateStyles

TemplateWizard edit

TextExtracts edit

Thanks edit

No changes for Thanks

TimedMediaHandler edit

  • git #f99be901 - Remove `-o-linear-gradient` for Opera 11.5, Opera Mobile 12 by Volker E

timeline edit

No changes for timeline

TitleBlacklist edit

No changes for TitleBlacklist

TocTree edit

No changes for TocTree

TorBlock edit

No changes for TorBlock

Translate edit

TranslationNotifications edit

TrustedXFF edit

TwoColConflict edit

  • git #0f525bf6 - Tweak some Germanic English by Adam Wight
  • git #22df89a9 - Remove unused boolean flag from …DiffFormatter::composeLines() (task T220067) by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #fa7d4b41 - Prevent HTML entities from being decoded automatically (task T220067) by Andrew Kostka
  • git #f2aca870 - Remove tests/phan/issue from .gitignore by Umherirrender
  • git #cf261648 - Add missing test cases to LineBasedUnifiedDiffFormatterTest (task T220067) by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #fe3eb82b - Re-introduce pause in conflict creation steps by WMDE-Fisch
  • git #e0e9ef07 - Remove unused private …ConflictHelper::getOutput() method by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #c714e0d9 - Mark unused ConflictHelper methods as private by Thiemo Kreuz
  • git #05420663 - Avoid pause in test conflict creation by WMDE-Fisch
  • git #0f268da7 - Remove `-o-linear-gradient` for Opera 11.5, Opera Mobile 12 by Volker E

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

  • git #8366a0a0 - ext.uls.eventlogger: Remove use of mw.eventLog.logEvent() promise by Fomafix
  • git #17df6468 - Update version before MLEB release (task T221573) by Kartik Mistry
  • git #6928b7ec - Merge ext.uls.eventlogger into ext.uls.common by Timo Tijhof
  • git #49ed2a5a - ULSJsonMessageModule: Remove language code validation by Timo Tijhof
  • git #6fadfa78 - Remove addModules( 'ext.uls.init' ) (task T145186) by Fomafix
  • git #ea671b1f - ext.uls.eventlogger: Use mw.track() and remove EventLogging dep by Timo Tijhof
  • git #c578db02 - ext.uls.eventlogger: Remove use of mw.eventLog.logEvent() promise by Timo Tijhof

UploadsLink edit

UploadWizard edit

UrlShortener edit

UserMerge edit

No changes for UserMerge

VipsScaler edit

  • git #ddd750ff - Translate Special:VipsTest into Czech by Martin Urbanec

VisualEditor edit

Wikibase edit

WikibaseCirrusSearch edit

WikibaseLexeme edit

WikibaseLexemeCirrusSearch edit

No changes for WikibaseLexemeCirrusSearch

WikibaseMediaInfo edit

  • git #dcaeb09c - Remove pre-tabs backward compatibility code by Matthias Mullie
  • git #5af98c15 - Remove dead/unused code and add some phpdoc annotations by Matthias Mullie
  • git #1fb80680 - Remove useless info about directly using any key from MediaInfoProperties by Matthias Mullie
  • git #573a80ff - Remove $wgMediaInfoEnableFilePageDepicts and code for its false path by Matthias Mullie
  • git #a2fefcda - Cleanup search classes - move dependencies to new classes by Stanislav Malyshev
  • git #21266b70 - Basic unit tests for StatementPanel element (task T221057) by Eric Gardner
  • git #a9fd9854 - Fix selector for enabling statement edits (task T218922) by Cormac Parle
  • git #60c8ed68 - Don't use value until having checked there is one (task T221110) by Matthias Mullie
  • git #4c91ad24 - Don't remove textInput after having submitted it (task T221123) by Matthias Mullie
  • git #875be52a - captionspanel.less: Remove unneeded selector joiner by Matthias Mullie
  • git #8027fed2 - Don't show MediaInfo content unless MediaInfo is installed (task T221071) by Matthias Mullie
  • git #96d0eebd - WikibaseMediaInfoHooksTest: Make the captions dummy content we check more like reality by James D. Forrester

WikibaseQualityConstraints edit edit

No changes for

WikidataPageBanner edit

No changes for WikidataPageBanner

WikiEditor edit

  • git #26a00c7a - Remove tests/phan/issue from .gitignore by Umherirrender

wikihiero edit

No changes for wikihiero

WikiLove edit

  • git #2c1259e5 - Refactor exporting of wikilove js vars without static intermediary by Timo Tijhof

WikimediaBadges edit

No changes for WikimediaBadges

WikimediaEditorTasks edit

No changes for WikimediaEditorTasks

WikimediaEvents edit

No changes for WikimediaEvents

WikimediaIncubator edit

No changes for WikimediaIncubator

WikimediaMaintenance edit

No changes for WikimediaMaintenance

WikimediaMessages edit

XAnalytics edit

No changes for XAnalytics

ZeroBanner edit

No changes for ZeroBanner

ZeroPortal edit

No changes for ZeroPortal

Skins edit

CologneBlue edit

EUCopyrightCampaignSkin edit

No changes for EUCopyrightCampaignSkin

MinervaNeue edit

MonoBook edit

  • git #1bb0c40a - Remove last references to the long-gone CSS classes .editExternally and .editExternallyHelp by Jack Phoenix

Modern edit

Nostalgia edit

No changes for Nostalgia

Timeless edit

Vector edit

No changes for Vector

Total Changes edit

519 Changes in 106 repos by 85 authors