MediaWiki 1.27/wmf.4

MediaWiki 1.27.0-wmf.3 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.27.0-wmf.4 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.27.0-wmf.5

The latest version (labeled "1.27.0-wmf.4") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 (see the roadmap).

Core changes edit

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Babel edit

  • git #c80c0009 - Add basic tests for all public methods in all classes
  • git #4225b7d3 - Add missing authors @metadata to aeb-arab and aeb-latn

CentralAuth edit

CirrusSearch edit

Cite edit

Citoid edit

Collection edit

  • git #092204bf - Use SidebarBeforeOutput hook to avoid breaking the sidebar cache

ConfirmEdit edit

  • git #84362063 - Properly isolate reloading functionality, drop createacct name
  • git #79f9c4ec - ReCaptchaNoCaptcha: Fix undefined function call to logStatusError()

ContentTranslation edit

DismissableSiteNotice edit

DonationInterface edit

Echo edit

EducationProgram edit

  • git #d84ce05d - Add `getTiming` for compatibility with IContextSource
  • git #123bec25 - Use startAtomic()/endAtomic() to avoid nested transaction errors
  • git #345059cc - Fix makePageLinks() signature errors

EventLogging edit

FlaggedRevs edit

  • git #78b963d1 - Remove DeferredUpdates::doUpdates call in CLI scripts
  • git #da44833e - Avoid excessive query load from reviewedEditsCheck()

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Scribunto edit

  • git #cd9cfd01 - When logging perf stats, include wfWikiId() in metric key
  • git #6c44f154 - Scribunto_LuaSandboxEngine::getResourceUsage(): call load()
  • git #0b909e01 - Typo fix (MEMORY->MEM)
  • git #4e9a0c14 - Move getResourceUsage to Scribunto_LuaSandboxEngine
  • git #65452973 - Make the percentile threshold for slow function stats configurable
  • git #9b7d6881 - Keep stats on slow function calls
  • git #3427dd72 - Add ScribuntoEngineBase::getResourceUsage()
  • git #920b6d19 - Localization updates for Scribunto.namespaces from Meta

SecurePoll edit

SemanticForms edit

SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi edit

TemplateData edit

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TimedMediaHandler edit

TitleBlacklist edit

Translate edit

UniversalLanguageSelector edit

  • git #46f75c2c - Sync resource loader deps in extension.json and Resources.php
  • git #058d3f5c - Update version before MLEB release
  • git #d591c48f - build: Updating development dependencies
  • git #14ca8ccd - Update jquery.uls localization for be-tarask, ja, kab, nah

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WikimediaMessages edit

  • git #927e0db3 - Uniformity among non-certified translations of Privacy Policy per request from WMF Legal Dept (task T116388)
  • git #1ce7a3dd - Add i18n messages for Meta Wiki, MediaWiki wiki and Wikispecies site links on Wikidata

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