MediaWiki 1.27/wmf.22/Changelog

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OpenStackManager edit

  • git #eb617c6c - OpenStackNovaUser::inRole: Return false if project doesn't exist

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ProofreadPage edit

  • git #98a502c5 - Parse 'proofreadpage_page_status' message in PageDifferenceEngine
  • git #2f9c88a7 - Preload OOUI icon styles and get rid of one of the FOUC's
  • git #9cd3aad8 - Fixes a fatal when user is not set during Page: content JSON serialization
  • git #916e47ce - Don't fatal if image handler isn't installed
  • git #c0df3380 - Use OOUI icons for next/previous/up

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SemanticForms edit

  • git #ef736ab9 - Fix for query string preloading of multi-instance templates
  • git #abc43e7f - Fix for HTML layout for embedded multi-instance templates

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Thanks edit

  • git #03b8f88f - build: Add doxygen, use composer for phpcs, make pass
  • git #e690a5b9 - build: Provide jsduck to build JS-land documentation
  • git #a23a8789 - build: Remove all non-mobile jscs over-rides and make pass
  • git #c745cb3f - build: Bump all devDependencies to latest and make pass

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  • Newly deployed extension

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