MediaWiki 1.27/wmf.20/Changelog

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  • git #1aeb0845 - Fix the scrollbar issue on the GraphSandbox + a couple more UI improvements (adjust the sandbox to the viewport, and some styling) (task T127010)

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  • git #7f2ccaae - Isolate in a method UnitTestsList hook
  • git #d8aaf034 - Uses mw.toolbar to create old toolbar buttons for page pages
  • git #e85822a0 - First implementation of the support of the <pages> tag in the VisualEditor
  • git #bc831cad - build: Fix Gruntfile to actually parse JS files
  • git #0ff9b5c8 - build: Bump various devDependencies to latest

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  • git #a9dc3c00 - Follow-up I85a5a59fd: Remove space from self-closing tags in tests

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