MediaWiki 1.27/wmf.12/Changelog

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CentralAuth edit

CheckUser edit

CirrusSearch edit

Cite edit

CiteThisPage edit

  • git #52f3c0ac - Allow auto suggestion for subpages of Special:CiteThisPage

Citoid edit

  • git #7adf28e0 - Update documentation of citoid-citefromiddialog-use-general-error-message

CodeEditor edit

  • git #ecfc6514 - Remove check for existence of mw.hook
  • git #13571672 - Abort previous unfinished API request before sending new request

CodeReview edit

Collection edit

  • git #048adbe3 - Clarify coll-add_linked_article and coll-remove_linked_article.

ContentTranslation edit

ContributionTracking edit

DonationInterface edit

Echo edit

EventLogging edit

  • git #e8da3daf - Revert "Remove dependency on 'json2' JSON polyfill"
  • git #5e18abe9 - Only allow the JsonSchema content model to be used in NS_SCHEMA

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GettingStarted edit

  • git #e535458d - Add COPYING file (GPLv2) to link to on Special:Version

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MassMessage edit

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MobileFrontend edit

MultimediaViewer edit

Nuke edit

  • git #6ec3ff74 - Allow auto suggestion for subpages of Special:Nuke

OATHAuth edit

OAuth edit

OpenStackManager edit

PageImages edit

  • git #59afdff5 - Don't pass default pref as fallback to User::getOption()

PageTriage edit

PdfHandler edit

Popups edit

  • git #bbe958bb - Prepare Popups for adding of mobile specific Popups implementation

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SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi edit

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WikiLove edit

  • git #7d618216 - Adjusting schema to match user_id definition in core

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WikimediaIncubator edit

  • git #7a7f7994 - Allow auto suggestion for subpages of Special:ViewUserLang

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