Manual on MediaWiki Tools
Release status: experimental
Implementation Bot
Description Updates the rped_page table using information from a file (e.g. enwiki-yyyymmdd-all-titles-in-ns0 from
Author(s) Tisane
Latest version 1.0.0
MediaWiki 1.16+
License GPL
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There is a bot that can run as a daemon. It inserts to the rped_table through the API by page titles from a file. It is designed to be used with Extension:RPED.



Sample configuration settings


Here are some sample configuration settings for wikibot.config.php:

$wikibotSetting['maxurllength']['*']['*']=200; # 200 character max URL when sending data to the API

Command line arguments


The first argument is the bot name; the second argument is the wiki name; the third argument is the filename; the fourth argument is the page title to begin with (e.g. if the script got interrupted earlier); and the fifth argument can be "nodaemon" if you prefer not to daemonize the script. E.g.:

php RPEDIRCBot.php YourBotName YourWikiName enwiki-20100312-all-titles-in-ns0

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