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MediaWiki version: 1.16


sqlite.php file is a maintenance script for tasks specific to SQLite backend.


Currently, these options are supported:

Executes VACUUM command that compacts the database and improves its performance.


$ php sqlite.php --vacuum
VACUUM: Database size was 46995456 bytes, now 37796864 (19.6% reduction).
Performs integrity check of the database. If no error is detected, a single "ok" will be displayed, otherwise the script will show up to 100 errors.


$ php sqlite.php --integrity
Performing database integrity checks:
--backup-to <file name>
Backups the database to the given file.
MediaWiki version: 1.17
--check-syntax <one or more file names>
Checks SQL files for compatibility with SQLite syntax. This option is intended for developer use.

All these options can be used at the same time.