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MediaWiki extensions

Skins allow users to customize the look and feel of MediaWiki. Die Standard-Benutzeroberfläche von MediaWiki ist Vektor. Eine Vielzahl an weiteren Benutzeroberflächen ist bereits mit der Installation in MediaWiki vorhanden. Users can see which skins are available on their preferences page. To see some examples of skins that other sites using MediaWiki have created, see this gallery and the Skin namespace on this wiki. It is important to note that optional components, such as JavaScript, may only function properly on a specific skin.

Desired outcome How to do it
Choose a skin only for you on a site you may not own Hilfe:Skins
Create or modify a skin for yourself or for others Manual:Skinning Part 1
Choose or configure a skin for your MediaWiki installation $wgDefaultSkin , Handbuch:Skin-Konfiguration

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