Manual:Pywikibot/ is a script of the Pywikibot framework. It is used to copy multiple images to a wiki. It takes a URL as an argument and finds all images (and other files specified by the extensions in 'fileformats') that URL is referring to, asking whether to upload them. If further arguments are given, they are considered to be the text that is common to the descriptions.

A second use is to get a number of images that have URLs only differing in numbers. To do this, use the command line option "-pattern", and give the URL with the variable part replaced by '$' (if that character occurs in the URL itself, you will have to change the bot code, my apologies).

Other options:

-shown      Choose images shown on the page as well as linked from it
-justshown  Choose _only_ images shown on the page, not those linked


   $ python imageharvest

Questions asked edit

When the bot is run, the bot will ask four questions (the web address is an example):

What text should be added at the end of the description of each image from this url? 

Include image ([y]es, [N]o, [s]top) 

Give the description of this image: 

Specify a category (or press enter to end adding categories)

Global arguments available

These options will override the configuration in settings.

Global options
Parameter Description Config variable
-dir:PATH Read the bot's configuration data from directory given by PATH, instead of from the default directory.  
-config:file The user config filename. Default is
-lang:xx Set the language of the wiki you want to work on, overriding the configuration in xx should be the language code. mylang
-family:xyz Set the family of the wiki you want to work on, e.g. wikipedia, wiktionary, wikitravel, ... This will override the configuration in family
-user:xyz Log in as user 'xyz' instead of the default username. usernames
-daemonize:xyz Immediately return control to the terminal and redirect stdout and stderr to file xyz. (only use for bots that require no input from stdin).  
-help Show the help text.  
-log Enable the log file, using the default filename 'script_name-bot.log' Logs will be stored in the logs subdirectory. log
-log:xyz Enable the log file, using 'xyz' as the filename. logfilename
-nolog Disable the log file (if it is enabled by default).  
-maxlag Sets a new maxlag parameter to a number of seconds. Defer bot edits during periods of database server lag. Default is set by maxlag
Set the minimum time (in seconds) the bot will wait between saving pages. put_throttle
Enable the log file and include extensive debugging data for component "item" (for all components if the second form is used). debug_log
Have the bot provide additional console output that may be useful in debugging. verbose_output
Toggles the cosmetic_changes setting made in or to its inverse and overrules it. All other settings and restrictions are untouched. cosmetic_changes
-simulate Disables writing to the server. Useful for testing and debugging of new code (if given, doesn't do any real changes, but only shows what would have been changed). simulate
-<config var>:n You may use all given numeric config variables as option and modify it with command line.