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Pywikibot is the ninth wonder of the world, the eighth being MediaWiki itself.

Pywikibot is very flexible and powerful tool to edit Wikipedia or another MediaWiki instance. However, there comes the moment when you feel that something is missing from it, and the Universe calls you to write your own scripts. Don't be afraid, this is not a disease, this is the natural way of personal evolution. Pywikibot is waiting for you: you will find the scripts/userscripts directory, which is ready to host your scripts.

This book is for you, if you

For general help see the bottom right template. In this book we go imto coding examples with some deeper explanation.

(A personal confession from the creator of this page: I just wanted to use Pywikipedia, as we called it in the old times, then I wanted to slightly modify some of the scripts to better fit to my needs, then I went to the book store and bought my first Python book. So it goes.)

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