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Since MediaWiki 1.34 , we no longer support using Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server . We strongly advise to no longer to use these.

Unele distributii linux au pachete pentru instalare, dar nu toate ...

Instaleaza Oracle XE pe linux(manual)

Oracle XE este o baza de date gratuita pentru incepatori, dar cu anumite limitari: [1]

  • va folosi resurse CPU echivalente cu 1 nucleu CPU din sistemul tau
  • va folosi maxim 1 Gb de RAM
  • este limitata la 1 server/baza de date per masina
  • este limitat la 11G de spatiu pentru utilizator

Urmareste procedura de instalare descrisa la XE installation manual.

Daca instalezi aceasta baza de date pentru a fi folosita ocazional AI GRIJA sa o configurezi pentru a nu porni o data cu sistemul. This DB goes through resources like the Cookie Monster through a Bahlsen factory

Some basic DBA commands can be found on XE DBA Documentation page but in most cases you can use DB control interface that can be accessed trough DB's http port (the one you selected when you ran "oracle-xe configure")

Installing Oracle Instant Client on linux (manually)

Follow the instructions found at Oracle's PHP documentation page.

If you are not using the "hostname/servicename" connection string format (e.g. "localhost/xe"), and instead use an alias from a tnsnames.ora file, then after you have your PHP environment set up add the TNS_ADMIN variable to your PHP startup environment. Aceasta variabila trebuie sa contina locatia (doar a directorului) unde se afla fisierul tnsnames.ora. Acest fisier contine definitiile TNS ale bazelor de date pe care le vei accesa (locale sau la distanta). If you have previously set up XE on this machine this variable should point to '/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe/network/admin'. Asigura-te ca fisierul poate fi citit de procesul Apache.

Instaleaza MediaWiki

After you have OCI8 enabled and TNS_ADMIN set in your PHP env you can now install MW normally. TNS name of default XE install is usually 'XE'.