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manageJobs.php is a maintenance script to manually either delete jobs from the Podręcznik:Kolejka zadań or put abandoned jobs back into circulation. Note that, while the script can put abandoned jobs back into circulation, it won't execute them. Use runJobs.php for that.


Opcja/Parametr Opis Wymagane?
  • delete – to delete the jobs from the job table
  • repush-abandoned – to put abandoned jobs back into circulation
--type Must be one of the job types, typically the ones listed when you run showJobs.php --group . Wymagane


php manageJobs.php [ --action | --type ]

Both parameters are mandatory.

First find what job types are abandoned with showJobs.php :

$ php maintenance/showJobs.php --group

refreshLinks: 0 queued; 38 claimed (0 active, 38 abandoned); 0 delayed
refreshLinksPrioritized: 0 queued; 992 claimed (22 active, 970 abandoned); 0 delayed
refreshLinksDynamic: 0 queued; 132 claimed (0 active, 132 abandoned); 0 delayed

Then add abandoned jobs back into circulation with --action repush-abandoned:

$ php maintenance/manageJobs.php --type refreshLinks --action repush-abandoned

Last re-push time: 19700101000001; current time: 20211111104139
Re-pushed 0 job(s) [0 skipped].

Then you can run runJobs.php to actually execute them.

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