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Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Maintenance scripts is a maintenance script to manually either delete jobs from the Job queue or put abandoned jobs back into circulation. Note that, while the script can put abandoned jobs back into circulation, it won't execute them. Use runJobs.php for that.


php manageJobs.php [--action|--type]

Both parameters are mandatory.

Option/parameter Description
--action One of delete (to delete the jobs from the job table) or repush-abandoned (to put abandoned jobs back into circulation).
--type Must be one of the job types, typically the ones listed when you run showJobs.php --group .


First find what job types are abandoned with showJobs.php :

php showJobs.php --group

refreshLinks: 0 queued; 38 claimed (0 active, 38 abandoned); 0 delayed
refreshLinksPrioritized: 0 queued; 992 claimed (22 active, 970 abandoned); 0 delayed
refreshLinksDynamic: 0 queued; 132 claimed (0 active, 132 abandoned); 0 delayed

Then add abandoned jobs back into circulation with --action repush-abandoned:

php manageJobs.php --type refreshLinks --action repush-abandoned

Then you can run runJobs.php to actually execute them.

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