Not to be confused with another file called Maintenance.php, which is in the maintenance folder.

The Maintenance class is the abstract maintenance class for quickly writing and churning out maintenance scripts with minimal effort.

Functions edit

addDescription() edit

  • addDescription( $text);
    • $text: set the description text.

addArg() edit

  • addArg( $arg, $description, $required = true );
    • $arg: name of the arg
    • $description: short description of the arg
    • $required: is this required?

addOption() edit

  • addOption($name, $description, $required=false, $withArg=false, $shortName=false);
    • $required: is the param required?
    • $withArg: is an argument required with this option?
    • $shortName: character to use as short name

The shortname would be, e.g., 'm' if you wanted -mFast to be an alternative to --mode=Fast.

getArg() edit

  • getArg( $argId = 0, $default = null );
    • $argId: the integer value (from zero) for the arg
    • $default: the default if it doesn't exist

getOption() edit

  • getOption( $name, $default = null );
    • $name: the name of the param
    • $default: default

outPut() edit

  • output( $output, $channel = null );

runChild() edit

  • runChild( $maintClass, $classFile = null );
    • maintClass: a name of a child maintenance class
    • $classFile: full path of where the child is

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