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MediaWiki contains various features to display a custom notice above the edit form, depending on the page, namespace, or other circumstances. Below are the most important ones.

Editnotice (1.14 で導入)
This is a per-namespace and per-page notice.
The page "MediaWiki:Editnotice-N" is loaded for an entire namespace, where "N" is the namespace number. For example "MediaWiki:Editnotice-3" is loaded for user talk pages.
Each distinct page can have a specific notice via "MediaWiki:Editnotice-N-Title", where "N" is again the namespace number. Note that slashes (/) are replaced by hyphens (-). For example, "MediaWiki:Editnotice-2-Foo-bar" corresponds to both "User:Foo-bar" and "User:Foo/bar".
If subpages are enabled for that namespace, the edit notice will also show on the subpages of the page.
Edit notices are also shown on mobile web.[1][2]
The message "MediaWiki:Talkpagetext" is loaded on any talk page as well. This corresponds to all "MediaWiki:Editnotice-X" messages together, where X is an odd number. This message can be customized per user language.
It can contain for example recommendations regarding etiquette (or a link to a page where it is addressed) and a reminder for the users to always sign their posts with four tildes.
The message "MediaWiki:Editinginterface" is displayed while editing MediaWiki messages, above "MediaWiki:Editnotice-8" (8 is the namespace number of the MediaWiki namespace). This message, however, contains text by default and is translated into the user language.
While creating a non-existing page, the user interface message "MediaWiki:Newarticletext" is displayed.



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  2. If you encounter an empty notice, please consult T312587#9247297.