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fixDoubleRedirects.php file is a maintenance script located in the maintenance directory that can be used to fix double redirects. The edits will be attributed to the user named in the Double-redirect-fixer message (User:Redirect fixer on English wikis by default). Edits made by this script are not shown on Special:RecentChanges, but they do appear in that user's contributions. The edit summary comes from the Double-redirect-fixed-maintenance message.

Ce script a été introduit dans MediaWiki 1.18 (r81408) et est écrit pour cette version. Pour une version qui fonctionne sur des versions plus anciennes de MediaWiki (testée sur la 1.16), voir ici.


Option/Paramètre Description
--async Don't fix anything directly, just queue the jobs
--dry-run Perform a dry run, fix nothing
--title=page Fix only redirects pointing to the given page

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