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fixDoubleRedirects.php file is a maintenance script located in the maintenance directory that can be used to fix double redirects. The edits will be attributed to the user named in the Double-redirect-fixer message (User:Redirect fixer on English wikis by default). Edits made by this script are not shown on Special:RecentChanges, but they do appear in that user's contributions. The edit summary comes from the Double-redirect-fixed-maintenance message.

This script was introduced in MediaWiki 1.18 (r81408) and is written for that version. For a version that runs on older MediaWiki versions (tested on 1.16), see here.


Option/Parameter Beschreibung
--async Don't fix anything directly, just queue the jobs
--dry-run Perform a dry run, fix nothing
--title=page Fix only redirects pointing to the given page

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