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createAndPromote.php is a maintenance script that creates a new user or modifies an existing user. For the corresponding user, the script can then grant additional rights (e.g. sysop, bureaucrat or bot rights) and change the user's password.

Since the script can be used not only to create new users, but also on existing users to promote them, and also to create a user without promoting them, the name createAndPromote.php is somewhat misleading.


php createAndPromote.php [--bureaucrat] [--sysop] [--bot] [--custom-groups=<group1>,<group2>] [--force] username [password]
Optie/Parameter Beschrijving
--help Toont help informatie voor het script.
--bureaucrat Voegt het account toe aan de groep bureaucraten
--sysop Voegt het account toe aan de groep sysops
--bot (1.22+) Voegt het account toe aan de groep bots
--custom-groups (1.26+) Comma-separated list of groups to add the user to. This allows adding the user to any custom group.

Since MW 1.27, a user is only added to a custom group, if this group actually exists according to $wgGroupPermissions and $wgRevokePermissions . Niet bestaande groepen worden genegeerd.

--force If account already exists, just grant it rights or change password. Do not create a new account in this case.
<username> The name of the user you want to create or modify and - depending on the other parameters - promote. The --force flag is required if a user with this name already exists.
<password> Wachtwoord voor de gebruiker. Niet verplicht indien --force wordt gebruikt.


php createAndPromote.php --bureaucrat --sysop --custom-groups=developer WikiSysop mypassword

This creates a new user called "WikiSysop", sets the password and adds the user to the bureaucrat group, the sysop group and to the custom developer group.