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Files and file uploads: $wgLocalFileRepo
A single repository structure for the local repository.
Введено в версии:1.11.0 (r22580)
Удалено в версии:все еще используется
Допустимые значения:(array)
Значение по умолчанию:see below

This config is for customizing the local (primary) file repo that MediaWiki uses. Most users will not want to customize this or will customize this indirectly via other variables such as $wgUploadDirectory.

More complex setups may requiring customizing this variable. For example, if you want to use a custom file backend, in order to replicate file storage amongst multiple data centers.

Properties required for all repos

The class name for the repository. May come from the core or an extension. The core repository classes are FileRepo, LocalRepo, ForeignDBRepo. (FSRepo is also supported for backwards compatibility.)
Should be set to 'local'.
A file backend name (see $wgFileBackends ). For $wgLocalFileRepo and $wgForeignFileRepos , a name is automatically generated in Setup.php if not defined.

General parameters for LocalRepo class

Config of where to store files (different zones like public vs deleted). An array of zone descriptions containing: container, url, directory, urlsByExt. Some other config options may override this one in specific cases
Base public URL
The number of directory levels for hash-based division of files (see $wgHashedUploadDirectory for info)
The URL for thumb.php (optional, not recommended)
Whether to skip media file transformation on parse and rely on a 404 handler instead.
Do not resize images on local machine, but instead use some other system to do so
Equivalent to $wgCapitalLinks , determines whether filenames implicitly start with a capital letter. The current implementation may give incorrect description page links when the local $wgCapitalLinks and initialCapital are mismatched.
May be 'paranoid' to remove all parameters from error messages, 'none' to leave the paths in unchanged, or 'simple' to replace paths with placeholders. Default for LocalRepo is 'simple'.
Used by FileBackend to set the unix permissions on created files.
Used by FileBackend to determine upload directory
URL to server thumbmails from (if not overridden by zone directive)
Is this repo private (E.g. its a private repo). Steps are taken to prevent direct access, but may not be sufficient and you should still make sure the files aren't somewhere served by webserver.
Store serialized metadata as JSON instead of php-serialized format
Store large chunks of FileMetadata in blob store. Some files have their entire text layer as metadata which can cause memory issues if stored directly on the file
threshold above which metadata items should be split into separate storage
Automatically regenerate file metadata if it is detected metadata is out of date
Automatically change metadata format (E.g. to JSON) or split it to separate storage, if it is detected as needed

Default value

This code, in Setup.php, generates a default value for $wgLocalFileRepo based on the values of other configuration settings:

if ( !$wgLocalFileRepo ) { $wgLocalFileRepo = [ 'class' => LocalRepo::class, 'name' => 'local', 'directory' => $wgUploadDirectory , 'scriptDirUrl' => $wgScriptPath , 'url' => $wgUploadBaseUrl  ? $wgUploadBaseUrl . $wgUploadPath  : $wgUploadPath, 'hashLevels' => $wgHashedUploadDirectory  ? 2 : 0, 'thumbScriptUrl' => $wgThumbnailScriptPath , 'transformVia404' => !$wgGenerateThumbnailOnParse , 'deletedDir' => $wgDeletedDirectory , 'deletedHashLevels' => $wgHashedUploadDirectory ? 3 : 0 ]; }

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