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E-Mail-Einstellungen: $wgEnableEmail
Set to true to enable basic email features.
Eingeführt in Version:1.4.0
Entfernt in Version:weiterhin vorhanden
Erlaubte Werte:(boolean)


Set to true to enable the basic email features: Password reminders, etc.

Some hosting providers (for example Hostmonster) appear to check that the "From:" and "Return-Path:" are genuine, to prevent spammers from using their accounts.

To enable this email:

  • Find out what the correct sender is, e.g. by visiting a PHP page containing the following code and checking the message you receive
mail("my.private.address@example.com","My subject","My message body");
  • Let's assume the email at the previous point came through from "myHostmonsterAccountName@myHost.example.com".

Change the following variables in LocalSettings.php:

$wgEmergencyContact = "exampleAccountName@myHost.example.com";
$wgPasswordSender   = "exampleAccountName@myHost.example.com";

If sending email on the server doesn't work, try this work-around, or just disable this feature, i.e. set $wgEnableEmail to false.

MediaWiki email is almost certainly not going to work out-of-the-box on Windows servers, and it may require additional configuration on Linux servers.

See Handbuch:$wgSMTP for information on how to configure the sending of email.

E-Mail deaktivieren

To disable email, in localsettings.php, change the default:

$wgEnableEmail = true;


$wgEnableEmail = false;

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