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Débogage / Journalisation: $wgDebugLogGroups
Dirige la sortie de wfDebugLog() vers un fichier plutôt que $wgDebugLogFile sur une base de groupe.
Introduit dans la version :1.5.0 (r10598)
Retiré dans la version :Encore utilisé
Valeurs autorisées :(tableau de clés de groupe de journalisation pour les noms de fichier)
Valeur par défaut :[]


Fixé à un tableau de clés de groupe de journalisation vers des noms de fichier. S'il est positionné, la sortie de wfDebugLog() pour ce groupe ira vers ce fichier plutôt que vers l'habituel $wgDebugLogFile . Utile pour activer la journalisation sélective en production.

If a group is configured in $wgDebugLogGroups, then all debug messages with the according group key will be logged to that file, also if $wgDebugLogFile is not set! With other words: If a group key is configured in $wgDebugLogGroups, messages will be written, even if an empty value of $wgDebugLogFile generally disables debugging.

Log destinations may be one of the following:

  • false to completely remove from the output, including from $wgDebugLogFile.
  • string values specifying a filename or URI.
  • associative array with keys:
    • 'destination' desired filename or URI.
    • 'sample' an integer value, specifying a sampling factor (optional)
    • 'level' A \Psr\Log\LogLevel constant, indicating the minimum level log (optional, since 1.25)

When $wgMWLoggerDefaultSpi is set to a non-default value, $wgDebugLogGroups will probably be ignored, and the method of configuring log files will be determined by whatever logging system is invoked by $wgMWLoggerDefaultSpi.


This example logs debug messages of group "ConfirmEditExtension" to "debug-ext_confirmedit.log" and those of group "SpamRegex" to "debug-spam.log".

$wgDebugLogGroups = [
	'ConfirmEditExtension'	=> $IP . '/../../home/debug-ext_confirmedit.log',
	'SpamRegex'		=> $IP . '/../../home/debug-spam.log',


$wgDebugLogGroups['redis'] = '/var/log/mediawiki/redis.log';

Advanced example:

 $wgDebugLogGroups['memcached'] = [
     'destination' => '/var/log/mediawiki/memcached.log',
     'sample' => 1000,  // log 1 message out of every 1,000.
     'level' => \Psr\Log\LogLevel::WARNING,
 $wgDebugLogGroups['redis'] = [
     'destination' => '/var/log/mediawiki/redis.log',
     // Level can also be the literal string value of any Psr\Log\LogLevel constant
     'level' => 'info',

Some common debug log groups

  • exception, error, fatal - errors
  • deprecated - deprecation warnings
  • objectcache, caches, memcached/SQLBagOStuff - cache
  • DBPerformance, DBReplication, DBConnection - database
  • DBQuery - all DB queries
  • cookie - response cookies
  • exec - shell commands
  • session - SessionManager
  • authentication, login - AuthManager
  • ratelimit, throttler - hitting rate limits ($wgRateLimits and other)
  • resourceloader, ResourceLoaderImage - ResourceLoader
  • http, HttpError - HTTP requests to external services (via the Http/MwHttpRequest classes)
  • api - API
  • thumbnail, fileupload, fileconcatenate - image-related
  • runJobs - Manuel:File d’attente des travaux
  • parser, ParserCache - Parser
  • slow-parse - warnings about pages that take long to parse