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Senaste ändringarna, nya sidor, bevakningslistor och historik: $wgRCMaxAge
Objekt i recentchanges -mallen rensas periodvis: enheter äldre än så här många sekunder tas bort.
Introducerad i version:1.4.0 (r7170)
Borttagen i version:används fortfarande
Tillåtna värden:(positivt heltal)
Standardvärde:90 * 24 * 3600 (90 dagar) (1.25+)

13 * 7 * 24 * 3600 (13 veckor) (1.16-1.24)

7 * 24 * 3600 (7 dagar) (1.4-1.15)


This setting holds the length that recent changes history should be retained for (in seconds).

Whenever anything happens on the wiki (e.g. page edit, move, delete, new user, etc.) a row is added to the recentchanges table giving details about the change. Periodically any entries that are older than the length of time given by this setting are removed from the table, and therefore from the list of recent changes.

If no hook for ArticleEditUpdatesDeleteFromRecentchanges returns false, there is a 1% chance that the recent changes table will be purged.

Changing this value won't suddenly allow you to see more entries on the recent changes page, as the changes have already been removed from the table. However any entries that are still in the table will not expire until the new limit is reached and the changes get purged. If you want to re-populate the recentchanges table having changed this setting, then you need to run maintenance/rebuildrecentchanges.php . Note that running this script marks all previously patrolled edits as unpatrolled.

Setting $wgRCMaxAge to a value such that $wgDefaultUserOptions ['rcdays'] > ceil($wgRCMaxAge/24*3600) (i.e. setting the default number of days to display to be greater than the number of days to retain) may trigger errors on the wiki, such as when viewing user preferences pages.

Påverkade sidor

Den här parametern påverkar sidorna senaste ändringar, relaterade ändringar, bevakningslistor, och lista över nya sidor, men inte historik och användarbidrag.

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