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Configuration for sending RC updates
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This variable is for configuring where MediaWiki will send network updates for recent changes. This is called after recent changes info have been inserted into the recentchanges table.

Setting a feed requires the sockets PHP extension. If the extension is not enabled, actions like edits, moves, etc may work, but the action may not get logged in recent changes at all (zadanie T185428).


MediaWiki supports sending recent changes updates to any number of destinations. Therefore this variable is an array, with each entry being a descriptor of where and how to send the data.

Each descriptor is an associative array with the following keys:

Fully qualified class name for the class that will format the data for sending over the network. It must inherit the RCFeedFormatter interface.
URI to send the data to (the protocol indicates what engine is used to send the data)
True or false whether to skip bot edits
True or false whether to skip anon edits
True or false whether to skip registered users
True or false whether to skip minor edits
True or false whether to skip patrolled edits

As mentioned, the formatter key specifies what class will be used to format the data, and the protocol of the URI specifies how to actually send the data.


A formatter needs to be specified in order for the data to be translated properly before going over the network. MediaWiki has the following built-in formatter classes:

Outputs the RC information in a JSON dictionary
Outputs the RC information in XML format
Outputs an IRC line with color codes for broadcast to an IRC server
Custom parameters:
True or false whether to add the interwiki prefix to the data ($wgLocalInterwikis ). Only works for the IRCColourfulRCFeedFormatter formatter.


Engines are the method by which the recentchange notifications are sent. MediaWiki has the following built-in engines:

Sends via a UDP packet
Sends via Redis Pub/Sub

See $wgRCEngines for how to configure the mapping of protocols to engines.


Here are some example configurations:

$wgRCFeeds['example'] = [
	'class' => UDPRCFeedEngine::class,
	'uri' => 'udp://localhost:1336',
	'formatter' => JSONRCFeedFormatter::class,
	'omit_bots' => true,

$wgRCFeeds['example'] = [
	'class' => ExampleRCFeed::class,

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