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Legacy mapping from URI schemes to RCFeed subclasses.
Introduced in version:1.22.0 (Gerrit change 81128; git #ffc71cb6)
Deprecated in version:1.38.0 (Gerrit change 590684; git #f8ecea1e)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:Unspecified
Default value:(see below)

Details edit

Legacy mapping from URI schemes to RCFeed subclasses.

Used for $wgRCFeeds (in RecentChange::factory) to determine which class to use if 'class' is not set, but 'uri' is.

This variable was introduced as $wgStreamLoggers and was renamed to $wgRCEngines in MediaWiki 1.22 alpha.

Default value edit

MediaWiki version:
$wgRCEngines = [
	'redis' => RedisPubSubFeedEngine::class,
	'udp' => UDPRCFeedEngine::class,
MediaWiki versions:
1.22 – 1.30
$wgRCEngines = [
	'redis' => 'RedisPubSubFeedEngine',
	'udp' => 'UDPRCFeedEngine',

Usage edit

This variable is an associated array mapping the URI protocol to the fully qualified class name that will handle that protocol.

This represents MediaWiki's built-in engine for sending RC updates over a UDP connection. More engines can be added by adding more keys or overriding existing ones.

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