User accounts, authentication: $wgConditionalUserOptions
Default user preferences.
Introduced in version:1.42.0 (Gerrit change 978537; git #6c8b6960)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:See below
Default value:[]

Conditional user options are a feature that makes it possible for default values of user preferences to be conditionally defined based on the considered user. For example, all users who registered after a certain date will have the preference enabled by default, while users who registered earlier have the feature disabled. This is useful when a given feature should be enabled for newly registered users only.

Value format


$wgConditionalUserOptions is a map of user options to lists of conditional defaults descriptors. Each descriptor is an array of conditional cases taking the form of [ VALUE, CONDITION1, CONDITION2, ... ], where VALUE is the default value for users meeting the conditions and each condition is either:

  1. a CUDCOND_* constant (representing a condition that takes no arguments)
  2. an array taking the form of [ CUDCOND_*, arg1, arg2, ... ], where the first index defines the condition and the rest of the fields are the condition's arguments

Conditional cases are processed in the definition order; the first case with all of its conditions satisfied is used. When multiple conditions are specified, all of them must be met for the case to be used. When no case matches its conditions (or when none is defined), then $wgDefaultUserOptions is used instead.

A VALUE of null means no conditional default (i.e. the default option from $wgDefaultUserOptions should be used for users matching that set of conditions).

Example configuration
$wgConditionalUserOptions['user-option'] = [
    [ 'registered after 2023', [ CUDCOND_AFTER, '20240101000000' ] ],

Available conditions

  • CUDCOND_AFTER (1 string argument): user registered after the specified timestamp
  • CUDCOND_ANON (no argument): user not registered
  • CUDCOND_NAMED (no argument): normal non-temporary registered users

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