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The Language team has the goal of reducing the language barrier that users face when accessing or sharing knowledge. The team has created tools to facilitate the participation of our users regardless of their language. These include the creation of multilingual content and software, facilitate language navigation, and support for easy input and proper display of different scripts. Language tools and their infrastructures need regular maintenance and update efforts. Making our language tools and infrastructure work better helps all the projects that rely on them, and saves time and efforts to the people participating in them, from developers to translators and the final users.

In July 2018, an effort was started to identify key areas to improve in our language tools during the upcoming months. The affected tools, the plan and the status updates are described next.

List of toolsEdit

Language tools are listed below:

Maintenance planEdit

Since there is a wide catalog of language tools and potential areas to improve we plan to operate in the following way:

  1. Language tools audit. Identify areas and their potential impact in order to have clarity on the areas we want to focus our maintenance work regarding language tools.
  2. Get feedback. Share our plans and get input from the different people involved, including the users of the tools and people working in other Wikimedia projects.
  3. Work on the selected areas. Once areas are identified and the people involved are in the same page, the Language team will work on the areas defined.

Your input is important in this process, so feel free to add your comments to the talk page.

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November 2020Edit

  • MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle (MLEB) 2020.10 was released, see release notes here.
  • New system admins are now able to do puppet changes for after reading our new documentation.

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