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Randomrootpage (Special:Randomrootpage) allows the display of a random root page a wiki.

The regular random link generator (Special:Random) is not suitable for some wikis or namespaces where utilising subpage hierarchies (such as Wikibooks). So this function can be used as a substitute. For example, it can be used to show "random books" in Wikibooks, instead of random pages. In a namespace where there are no subpages then the functionality is the same as Special:Randompage.

By default, selection will be limited to pages from namespaces in $wgContentNamespaces . The user can choose which namespace to look in. For example, if they wanted to view a random file they could go to Special:Random/file. If they wanted to view a random mainspace page they could go to Special:Random/main, etc.


[[Special:Randomrootpage]] [[Special:Random]]
content namespaces Random rootpage on wiki
Random page on wiki
main namespace Random rootpage on wiki
Random page on wiki
help namespace Random rootpage in Help: namespace
Random page in Help: namespace
extension namespace Random rootpage in Extension: namespace
Random page in Extension: namespace

There is currently no functionality that provides the random display of a subpage.

Some wikis utilise this in the configuration of their sidebar (MediaWiki:Sidebar).


This functionality used to be in Extension:Randomrootpage though was merged into core in MediaWiki 1.27.

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