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The page ID, sometimes article ID (if the page represents an article), is a number that is unique within the scope of the wiki and identifies a wiki page.

  • A page ID is generally more stable, and often shorter, than a page title. Consequently, URLs based on page IDs may be more useful as persistent identifiers than canonical URLs based on page titles. See #How to access a page by page ID below.
  • A page ID does not change when a page is moved.
  • If a page is deleted, its historical page ID persists in the archive table. If the page is restored, it attempts to reclaim its old page ID. This was not yet the case in MediaWiki 1.27 and before.
  • Special pages do not come with page IDs.

How to look up the page ID

How to access a page by page ID

  • The special page Special:Redirect can be used to access pages via their page IDs. 例えば、Special:Redirect/page/1902742 にアクセスすると現在のページにリダイレクトされます。
  • index.php で curid パラメーターにページ ID を指定しそのページにアクセスできます。 例えば、/w/index.php?curid=1902742 にアクセスすれば現在のページが表示されます。

Services that use the page ID


多くの API 機能が、ページ ID を返すか、またはページ ID を入力として使用します。 For example, for the present page, see

What links here

The What links here feature orders links by namespace then page ID.