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Elements in italics in the following definitions are entries of this glossary.

Structure and types

Alert notifications are the most important notifications you need to know about, more important than notices. They are concerning you directly and most of them will need an action from you. There are different types of alerts.
The notification "badges" are the icons at the top of all wiki pages that inform users about new or unread notifications.
When users have unread notifications, the badges display the number of unread messages, up to a maximum of 99. When a user has messages that are "unseen" (meaning a notification arrived since the last time the user checked their notifications), the badge changes color: red for unseen Alerts, blue for unseen Notices.
Badges are grey when you have zero unread notifications, or you have unread but not new notifications.
Collapsed notifications
Also known as: Bundled notifications
When multiple actions or events affect the same item, such as a single post or a page, the system may generate a "bundled notification." This is a single notification that informs the user about multiple events. E.g., "Your post in 'Topicname' was edited multiple times." (See Expandable bundle, below.)
Cross-wiki notifications
Cross-wiki notifications are displayed on both panels, and regroup the notifications from other Wikimedia Foundation hosted wikis. This enables you to receive notifications about Commons when you are on Wikisource, for example. (Learn more)
Expandable bundle
An alternative form of Collapsed notification. When multiple actions or events affect the same item, such as a single post or page, the system may generate an "expandable bundle" of notifications: in this case, one main notification explains that multiple events have occurred (e.g., "5 new topics created on Pagename".) An arrow allows the user to expand that group and see the individual notifications pertaining to each event, or to "Collapse" and hide the bundle again.
A notification is a short message that informs you about an event. There are different types of notifications.
Notification body
The gray text beneath the Notification header provides details that help users better understand the message. This is frequently an excerpt—e.g., from a post or topic summary. This element is optional. (more information)
Notification header
The bold title that tells you the main information about the notification. E.g., "Your post in 'Topicname' was edited." (more information)
Notification Panels
Also known as: Flyouts, Dropdowns
The notification panels drop down from the top of a wiki page when you click on one of the "badges" (for either "alerts" or "notices"). They provide a quick view of your most recent notifications; each panel shows up to a maximum of 25 alerts or notices, respectively. "Unread" notifications, sorted by date, are displayed first, followed by "read" notifications.
Notices notifications are less important notifications than alerts. They concern you, but probably don't require an immediate action. There are different types of notices. In some languages, "Notice" is translated by "Notification".
Three-dots menu
The three-dots menu hides more information and other items that can be useful to take action.
The three-dots menu is optional and is sometimes not displayed.

Notifications status

Прочетените известия имат по-светъл сив фон и сив кръг.
Непрочетените известия са обозначени с различен фон и със синя точка.
Синя точка
Синята точка ви позволява да маркирате известията като прочетени като кликнете върху нея.
Сив кръг
When a notification is marked as read, the blue dot changes to a grey circle.


When a notification is not read, it is highlighted by a pale blue background. The blue dot also highlights that notification.
Mentions are a type of notifications. It is possible to both mention people and be mentioned. (details)
Primary link
The "primary link" is the destination judged to be the most relevant and informative for users following up on a notification. It is where a user will go to if they simply click on the notification—on the header, body, or primary icon. There is no visible label in the notification itself, though a label is displayed in the email version (and on the no-JavaScript version of the special page).
Secondary links
Beneath the main header and body of most notification, one or two small icons may appear, accompanied by labels. These are the "secondary links." In addition to linking to relevant destinations, these links are also useful for displaying important information, such as the username of the person who performed the action that triggered a notification. (It's good style to avoid repeating such information in both the header and the links.)
This personal special page collects all your retained local notifications (up to a limit of 2,000), and provides access to any unread cross-wiki notifications. (learn more). Two versions of this page exist: the standard page and a no-JavaScript page.
A trigger is one or many conditions which will ask the system to deliver the notification.