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This page is a translated version of the page Help:File captions and the translation is 8% complete.

Multilingual file captions are part of MediaInfo , an extension for handling structured data for files. A caption contains a short description about a file. Captions are limited to 255 characters in length; captions cannot contain markup (like Wikitext links or HTML) and do not support external links. You can add captions in different languages.

Captions are added by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner. This opens up the editing view.

View of the Caption section of a file page when no file caption exists yet.
Adding an initial caption to a file.

Translations can be done once an initial caption is added. A language is selected, then the text is entered.

Selecting an additional language for a file caption.
Adding a translation of a caption to a file caption.

Oversættelser kan blive tilføjet på så mange sprog som MediaWiki understøtter.

Editing file captions in multiple languages.
Adding multiple/additional translations to a file caption.
Selecting an additional language to add a caption to a file.


Additions of file captions are logged in the page history with an automatic edit summary.

File history page after adding captions.

Adding a caption using the Upload Wizard

Captions can be added during the file upload process using the Upload Wizard. The option to add caption is in step four, "Describe." The difference between a caption and a description is explained.

Adding a file caption in the UploadWizard.

Translations of the caption can be added at this time as well.

Adding file captions in multiple languages in the UploadWizard.

Removing a caption

Any user can remove a caption. This is done by clicking on the trash can icon to the right of the caption, or "undo" in the page history.

File captions are removed by clicking on the trash can icon.
The French translation has been deleted by clicking on the trash can icon.


Removal of file captions are logged in the page history with an automatic edit summary.

View of a file page history when adding caption has been reverted.


Caption removal can be reversed using the Undo feature.

The diff view when reverting a file caption.