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What is a draft of the page? A draft, is a page in prepare stage. Every can do changes, and add what is important. But for translating it's problem and every Translation administrator must be know why.

“In the field of translation, a translation unit is a segment of a text which the translator treats as a single cognitive unit for the purposes of establishing an equivalence. It may be a single word, a phrase, one or more sentences, or even a larger unit.”
Translation unitby Wikipedia

Example marked code edit

How to prepare a page for translation contained tutorial, with a simple code. Here is same code, only extended and with use another colorize scheme.

  • Green and bold tags for mark translation units and the insertable select
  • Red is text for translation
  • Blue string be used as the insertable value
  • Another code of the page Translate ignore

<languages /> [[File:Torsö.jpg|thumb|<translate>A typical view of Fréttinga</translate>]]   <translate>Fréttinga is a small municipality in MungoLand, located on the BaMungo island.</translate> <translate>It hosts a population of about 400 people. It has some agriculture and fishing and tourists like to visit it in the summertime.</translate> <translate>It has marvelous beaches with a lot of [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/Seagull</tvar>|seagulls]].</translate>   <translate> == Services == </translate>   <translate>It doesn't have many services.</translate> <translate>There is a shop, and a car ferry visits the island from the mainland once a day.</translate>   <translate>Main events:</translate> * <translate>The roof of the church fell down in 2009</translate> * <translate>New church was built in 1877</translate>     {{note|1=<translate>For this example was used code from <tvar name=1>[[Fréttinga]]</tvar> page and used for demonstrate as Translate do <tvar name=2>[[Help:Extension:Translate/Translation units|TU]]</tvar> (translation units).</translate>}}   [[Category:Municipalities]]

You can see, that code was extended.