Growth team newsletter #29


Welcome to the twenty-ninth newsletter from the Growth team! Help with translations

Community Conversations


The Growth team will host its first community conversation Monday, 4 December (19:00 - 20:30 UTC). The topic for this meeting will be Mentorship.

This first meeting language will be English, but we plan to host conversations in other languages, and about other topics. Please visit the conversation page on-wiki for the details on how to join. You can also watch the page, or suggest ideas for upcoming conversations there.

Impact Module


At the beginning of November 2023, the Growth team deployed the New Impact Module to all Wikipedias. We recently released a follow up improvement to how edit data was displayed based on editor feedback. [1]


We released “add a link” to 35 more Wikipedias. [2] [3]

We have a few Wikipedias remaining:

  • German and English Wikipedia will be contacted at the beginning of January 2024.
  • There are a few small wikis that will not receive the task until they have enough articles for the algorithm to work properly.

Community Configuration




When a mentor marked themselves as "Away", they were not getting their name assigned to new accounts when they returned. This has been fixed. [5]

We improved the message received by newcomers when their mentor quits, to reduce confusion. [6]

We worked on ensuring that all mentees are assigned to an active mentor. This required reassigning mentees with no mentors to a new mentor. We paused this as the clean-up script confused some editors. We will resume it when the identified blockers are resolved. [7]

It is now possible to create an Abuse Filter to prevent one user from signing up as a mentor. [8]

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