Gerrit patch uploader

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The Gerrit patch uploader allows users with an account on this wiki ( to upload patches directly to gerrit without needing a Developer account and without needing to use Git commands.



Gerrit patch uploader is a Toolforge tool created by Valhallasw.

アップロード済みのパッチの修正 (amend)

To make a change to an existing patch, copy the Change-Id line from the Gerrit page, and add it to the bottom of your commit message.

For example, to add a new patch to, fill in the patch uploader as usual, but add the following text to the bottom of the commit message field:

Change-Id: I0c31cd68dc372ed38f461e430c135350a1581828

The Gerrit patch uploader will use the "Change-Id" to find the current change on Gerrit and add a new version to it (instead of creating a new change page).