Fundraising tech/Roadmap/Outcome 3 FY 2018-19

Outcome 3 edit

Develop new features  and improve internal systems to support growing fundraising activities and reach. Investigate or enhance donor retention.
Output 3.1
Re-architect Contribution Tracking system to improve internal visibility, reliability and scale.
Output 3.2
Improve the CiviCRM dedupe functionality and balance that with other CRM requests.
Output 3.3
Keep up to date on current payment systems integrations, or integrate with new providers to maintain reach and flexibility.

Targets edit

Target 3
Email and Banner campaigns are more reliable and can continue when fundraising infrastructure maintenance occurs. Changes to the contribution tracking Table allow the primary DB server to be taken down while accepting donations
Measurement method
  1. Conduct 1 live successful test: taking down the primary DB server while a campaign is live.
Target 4
Advancement will have more trust in the accuracy of CiviCRM records. The automatic CRM dedupe function identifies and merges more duplicate contacts per pass. Other CRM improvement requests are prioritized as needed.
Measurement method
  1. The automatic dedupe function handles 20 more types of conflicts.
  2. We ship more than just dedupe improvements to CiviCRM.
Target 5
The Advancement team can keep up to date on changing payment provider systems.
Measurement method
  1. Address emergencies and outages from payment providers.
  2. Fr-tech can demonstrate evaluation, estimation and possibly implement new opportunities in coordination with Advancement.