Fundraising tech/Roadmap

The Next 3 Sprints

Sprint Name Dates Goals
Sprint V October 27th to November 10th Payment bugs

continue docker setup

Start email preference center

Sprint W November 10th to November 24th Q2 bugs

Email Preference Center

Start code review for CN filter feature

Sprint X November 24th to December 8th Big English!
Sprint Y December 8th to December 22nd Adyen Sweden form

Q2 FY 2019-20

  • Support Q2 campaigns
  • Investigate Queues situation and possibly make changes
  • Overhaul monthly convert for ingenico
  • Start email preference center?

Current Fiscal Year Projects 2018-2019


Wikimedia Technology/Annual Plans/FY2019/TEC11: Support Fundraising Activities

CentralNotice Community RFPs


Campaign fallback, Sub-national targeting

Live Banner Preview