Front-end standards group/2020-07-22

Attending: Ed Sanders, Guergana Tzatchkova, Itamar Givon, Lucas Werkmeister, Mónica Pinedo Bajo, Stephen Niedzielski

Action & CodeEdit

  • Stephen presents state of WVUI, for new search experience. Most of the infrastructure is in place; similar to WMDE’s UI tech (e. g. TypeScript), should look familiar to WMDE devs.
  • Mónica: WMDE continues with our design system work, WiKit, figuring out the whole process between different roles (UX, devs, …). That work should be done in August, and then we will start the first work to use the component (a button) and make changes if needed.
  • Agreement that collaboration would be great, need to work out how it will work in practice.
  • Mónica: is this library still a prototype? Stephen: no, that was a different project; WVUI should be a longer-lasting project. Volker started the Vue.js/Migration_Project_Charter for the migration towards Vue (hopefully includes moving components to the WVUI library).
  • Ed: WVUI is hosted on GitHub but with tasks tracked on Phabricator. Why, or has this been discussed? Stephen: Migration of GitHub repository to Gerrit was proposed but turned out to be contentious, not a high priority; also affected by the build step discussions (GitHub already has lots of build-like integrations). Ed: GitHub can make sense (our linting config is there, for instance), but then shouldn’t tasks be tracked there too? Stephen: would prefer to avoid splitting task management between two systems. At some point, Vector will receive some changes to pull in the new search components, and Vector is in Gerrit/Phabricator. Ed: Ok, then there should be a discoverable link for where to report WVUI issues. Stephen: Vue.js-Search board and Vue.js board.
    • Action: [SN] add links in GitHub for Vue.js-Search and Vue.js workboards to help people file issues against the project.
      • ES: I think in project description ("About" section)--SN: got it. Will do soon.