Front-end standards group/2019-05-08

Attending: Volker E., Timo T, Jon R., Ed S.

New questsEdit switch eslint to require dangling comma with "always-multiline". and connected parent (ES) Ed already shared his thoughts on task. Lot of effort without real benefit. Define language CSS rules in a common module shared by all skins. MinervaNeue seems to lack definition for .mw-content-ltr (VE) Two issues: It's called 'legacy', and mobile is not loading 'legacy' currently 7.9kb shipped, shared.css is 2.5kb, so it's too big Splitting shared.css in skinning/content, skinning/elements, skinning/interface they build on each other, see Resources.php Working with same separation, but changes to @import Less mixin files containing In mw.Less import those files and add an @import there as well, so we have compatibility ensured Action: Changing to reflect above.

Sub-task Ordered lists internationalization list-style-type CSS rules – shared.css or language wikis. (VE) With solution above, we can try to introduce a localization.less mixin file

Merging special page JavaScript modules? (task to be created based on feedback from proposal) Action: File a task! (2018 registry reduction)

Follow-upsEdit Decide how to configure ESLint rules and ignores Finalize discussion around and bring to Coding Conventions.