Front-end standards group/2019-03-13

Attending: Volker E., Stephen N., Ed S., Andrew R., Jon R., Jan D.

New questsEdit

Cannot access user contributions when following red link to user page on mobile Heurisitics to identify if URL is wiki page and what the title is for that page We've got flexibility in API for titles e.g. /wiki/Title index.php?title=Title but title=Title&action=history is a very different page SN: Useful functionality to have. You could misuse it. Moving forward JS client-side approach in short-term ES: Might be favorable to use same output that Parsoid uses, `rel` attribute

 <a rel="mw:WikiLink" href="./Main_page" title="Main page">Main page</a>
 Parsoid spec:

Add `outline: 0` to blacklisted properties in stylelint-config-wikimedia?

 It's an accessibility anti-pattern and folks using it should explicitly disable it we can set custom messages

SN: would it be terrible to write a sed script that suppressed existing offending usages? we can also make the change to stylelint a "breaking" change by bumping the major version

MinervaNeue should make use of normalize CSS instead of reset Expensive process to QA user-generated content Finding right time to schedule stuff Olga and Volker to meet for scheduling timing next week Then setting up for a pair programming session going through changes

Unify system messages latest mock: user login form: notice, where user name is transformed Consider language:

stylelint-order: ES: Not as a general rule, but probably as extension

General note on eslint/stylelint linting [SN] Whitespace issues should be warnings and not errors during dev time