Front-end standards group/2018-11-27

Attending: Volker E., Timo T., Ed S., Andrew R.-G.

Action & CodeEdit

New questsEdit

eslint-config-wikimedia Decide which native equivalents make sense to replace jQuery functions and if they can live in the main eslint-config-wikimedia/jquery as example of a report on OOUI TT: .show()/.hide()/.toggle() should be disabled in eslint-config-wikimedia/jquery +1 VE ES: #129 #130 #131 TT: Preset for creaton of buttons/dialogs Replace jQuery.UI in MW core and extensions Action: OOUI with stricter ruleset (VE)

Decide how to configure ESLint rules and ignores - Reach consensus on what to do next

Merge Extension:Theme into core which is covered with a TechCom-RFC anyways See also / mediawiki.variables LESS theme logic with RL integration. VE look into immediately after the holidays