Front-end standards group/2018-10-10

Attending: Ed S., Stephen N., Jon R.

Action & CodeEdit

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jQuery linting [ES] ES: some tests w eslint plugin, implemented in MW core. each should prob not been used completely, map behaves slightly different as you can return null Still some missing in the upstream package ESLint-side

JSDoc TT provided feedback on recent iteration of Wikimedia theme

CSS Filters IE11 and other browsers that do not support CSS filters would get PNG fallbacks. Modern browsers would get performance benefit (5kb in OOUI if all icons generated via this mechanis) Easier to transit between different icon states One central definition of what a progressive icon/inverted icon color is. If we ever wanted to change the color of one of the variants only need to update in one place, not in every repo. VE to provide patch for OOUI in upcoming weeks…

oo-js-router Adding replaceState to oo-js-router. any objections? things to be aware of? ES: can you use hash as fallback? Which browser don't support replace? Only IE 9 doesn't support it.

Transition MobileFrontend Gruntfile.js tasks to NPM scripts - Relying on Grunt plugin maintainers (e.g. dependant on grunt eslint-plugin upgrades everytime eslint is upgraded. Working now but no guarantee it will in future) - Grunt not adding much benefit. One liners are usually all that is necessary. - Grunt going out of fashion Focus should be on production code and less on tooling Only package.json to npm install, npm start

  • Understanding Grunt's syntax is an additional tax (not clear if it's worth it).

Reducing to one thing, as package.json is already there. This change doesn't add code, it removes it.