Front-end standards group/2018-09-26


Action & CodeEdit

New questsEdit

jQuery linting [ES] Variety of stuff in there, easy:

   $.inArray already merged in core
   $.isFunction/$.grep still missing upstream, but already provided as patch
   JD provided HTML output of occurences for MF/MinervaNeue

allowIdSelector? as additional

   Also 'preventing' querySelectorAll as it does the same thing

MinervaNeue should make use of normalize CSS instead of reset [JR] JD: Should be done with visual regression tool ES: Coverage test, any way to test w/o visual testing


JSDoc Stephen has provided WIP patch for MobileFrontend Prateek updated OOjs patch

Moving ESLint ignores to well-defined, anchored .eslintignore files; continuation from last week Please look into We should look into stylelint ignore - generic lint ignore folder? JD: eslinignore follows the gitignore specification