Front-end standards group/2018-09-12

Attending: Stephen N., Timo T., Andrew R.-G., Volker E., Jon R.

Action & CodeEdit

MobileFrontend successfully switched to JSDoc Link 1: Link 2: SN: jsduck used prev, and low-prio for MF team, a few things still missing TT: JSDoc is much better from sntax perspective, satisfying how it actually works But HTML output is not providing great added value Link 3: WikimediaUI theme AC acted kind of a supplement to eslint (back in 2012), stricter on documentation, JSDoc acts the same way, like inheritance is still there

T198770 Use SVG filters to change icon colors was added a while ago, but hasn't been discussed yet [JR] – Filters instead of distinct SVG files WikiBase Link Link 2

JR: Could add matrix vis JS that would be on top anyways

Jon Robson < if you havent seen it Minerva does similar things with embed usage VE Timo's patch: `@supports ftw

Jon Robson feature queries are not supported in IE11 SVG filters are in IE11

VE: Jon Robson: hard math haha it's rgb values e.g function createColorMatrix(r, g, b)

Stephen Niedzielski can we embed svgs as data urls in stylesheets to avoid cache concerns?

Jon Robson using css filters for gray, white and standard seems like a great start

me CSS filters even tinting is possible or hue-rotate etc

Moving ESLint ignores to well-defined, anchored .eslintignore files; e.g. The previous alternative was package.json and Gruntfiles prior to that. [SN] .eslintignore in line with .gitignore advantages of package.json TT: consistency across projects one place for dev tooling reducing clutter in top directory of projects, some proj going that way Link :

jfyi: T148230: Consider moving from npm to yarn for WMF repos? got declined