Front-end standards group/2018-02-28

Attending: Volker E., Andrew R.-G., Joaquin O.-H., Jan Dr.

Action & CodeEdit

New questsEdit

T138401: Replace jsduck with JSDoc3 across all Wikimedia code bases This is now already in place in Parsoid and close to production in OOjs/OOUI. Improving and unify theme is one of the blockers right now. Create a “Wikimedia” theme for JSDoc3

T107561: MediaWiki support for Composer equivalent for JavaScript packages. Continued inputs

T185295 Enforce 80-100 characters line length with eslint in eslint-wikimedia-config Waiting for group consensus: 80 seems more useful to terminal users and is the rule for a few other big companies out there, 100 is enforced by phpcs and devs would have to switch conventions when going between projects. (I'd lean therefore to 100, even when I'd like to see 80 enforced everywhere)

A Phabricator poll would be a way too, I don't have access to make one.




Reading Web might be interested in TemplateStyles for fixing mobile page issues phab: some bg research/notes: Also looking at options like adding RDFa data to templates for easier parsing