Front-end standards group/2017-11-08

Attending: Volker E., Roan K., Andrew R.-G., Jan D.

Action & CodeEdit

Timezone information on client side (TheDJ)
RK: There's a fourth way by moment.js. In favor of baking functionality into mediawiki.js
Which tags in MediaWiki should be styled as monospace? (VE)
RK: It's probably not worth the effort to deprecate. But parsing team should take the lead.


Create an abstraction for the message box components (warningbox, errorbox etc)
VE From my perspective task is pretty much done, but second opinion seems rightful.
Action item: VE will ping ES

Evaluate using `touch-action: manipulation;` (JD) &
Action item: Analysts haven't taken a look yet, JD will file a task