Front-end standards group/2017-09-13

Attending: Volker E., Andrew R.-G., Bartosz D., Jan Drewniak, Roan K.

Action & CodeEdit

New questsEdit

Optimize SVGs in data URIs (VE)
RegEx in CSSMin.php (encodeStringAsDataURI) – CSSMin::buildUrlValue
General: Proposal sounds like a good idea in general

JD: How about utf8 encoding inline?


"URLs are always ASCII" by default
RK: Article says ;utf8 is invalid/illegal anyway
RK: The quotes stuff might be tricky, but stuff like stripping newlines and unencoding spaces, equals signs, etc should help a lot already
Also: change newlines and tabs to spaces, consolidate multiple spaces in a row
RK: RL image module change would work without quote exchange in the LESS mixin
Action items:

  • CodePen to cross-browser test => DONE
  • Small project outside of RL to test drive
  • change encodeStringAsDataURI when sufficiently convinced
  • Do round 1 for newlines/tabs/spaces/equals/etc, then repeat these steps for quotes later


Measure dwell-time impact of `touch-action: manipulation;` (VE, JD)
Task got already filed by J. Drewniak
Data analyst is fine with test, it's pretty basic outcome probably.

Action item: Patch to come by JD


VisualEditor: Implement some form of auto-save (ES)