Front-end standards group/2017-03-08

Attending: Volker E., Andrew R.-G., Timo T., Jon R., Jan D., Julien G.

Action & CodeEdit

New questsEdit

CSS Grids (VE)Edit

Postponed to next meeting.


Helper function necessary to make migration of mobile front-end is easier to OOjs
`mfMigrate` = sugar syntax for the same thing
TT: wanna make clear that order matters
would be ok for factory function that it is inclusive
TT would support for addition with certain requirements

jsduck alternativeEdit

VE: Mobilefrontend perspective?
JR: There isn't a spike currently planned in the next sprints.
VE: Let's put this on for next meeting given current mobile frontend planning.

Hamburgers on UC MiniEdit

JR: Maybe adding an icon-only CSS class for this use case?
VE: A special (mediawiki.ui) CSS class for handling icon-only elements seems like a good compromise.
We also have .mixin-screen-reader-text() mixin to use in this class for accessibility reasons.

Module RFCEdit

TT: Modules following a similar way like Webpack, it's quite easy from an implementation perspective.
JG: Modules in its current form are complicated, it's hard to wrap head around.

Switch RGB to HexEdit

VE: My position is to decline this.
JG: Seems fair to decline.
VE: Going to provide a patch on stylelint-config-wikimedia


No items in today's meeting.